Problem Solving

Cars are manufactured with many mechanical components which wear out and need replacing, repairing and general maintenance and attention from time to time. Even if you have your car serviced at regular intervals faults can still develop. When this happens our Workshop team will find a solution for you quickly and efficiently to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

gauge [590044] - CopyUsing the latest Snap-on Firmware our diagnostic machines can quickly connect to every cars ECU’s (Electronic Control Unit) to give our technicians the vital information that they need to work out what’s wrong with your vehicle. Whether its EMS (Engine Management System), BCM (Body Control Module), ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), Traction control systems, stability control systems and other on board systems which run in the back ground.

gauge [590044] - CopyLive Data:

Faults and codes alone sometimes are not the correct answers for the fault in hand. By using the live data from your vehicle we can determine if the fault or codes generated from the particular sensor are causing your EML (engine management light) to come on. For example; EML light is on, fault is reported as an O2 sensor (lambda sensor) out of range/parameters. Using our specialist equipment we can tell this isn’t a lambda fault by using the live data our technicians can find out which sensor or if its a mechanical fault which is causing the problem, from our report we will be able to see if the Injectors are operating correctly, the crankshaft sensor is operating correctly, the Air mass meter is operating correctly and the ECT (engine coolant temperature) is correct, along with many other sensors operating together which is causing the fault.


gauge [590044] - CopyAudi A3 2002:-

EML off and vehicle drives fine until the engine hits 4000 RPM, then it back fires runs really lumpy and EML will come on. Drive under 4000 RPM EML will turn off and vehicle will drive fine again. After clearing the codes down and test driving the vehicle the fault is still present and the same codes stored after first clear and delete. Diagnostic codes given:- Boost pressure control valve mechanical malfunction, multiple misfire detected, O2 sensor out of parameters, Engine speed sensor intermittent fault, Bank 1 Camshaft A (intake) Advance set point not reached and Pressure drop between turbo and throttle valve.

Through live data we were able to see the crankshaft sensor was reading incorrectly intermittently (could see a consistent spike through the graph table produced on every engine revolution. Changed the crankshaft sensor deleted stored codes and second test drive (10 miles) vehicle ran perfectly and no faults returned customer very happy.

gauge [590044] - CopyFord Mondeo 2007.

Trouble starting from cold. No codes were present in EMS. Live data shows that there is a fluctuation of engine speed in comparison to injection timing and camshaft positioning. These vehicles have a dual mass flywheel (sprung loaded flywheel to absorb strain from engine to the gearbox). When these dual mass flywheels fail they develop free play which in turn causes the engine to run slightly out of time. We replaced the flywheel and now the vehicle runs and starts perfectly and another happy customer.

Buy coming to us we can save you money by taking less time to diagnose your problems that will therefore save you money.