DPF Cleaning

Like any filter, your DPF can become blocked by engine produced particulates. The main constituent of these particulates is ‘Soot’!

  • Cleaning the DPF – Cost £100.00 +VAT
    this is for a DPF already removed from a vehicle
  • Removing the DPF and cleaning can also be done for you but please ring to get a quote

What’s a DPF?

The modern diesel vehicles have seemingly vastly improved as they now run without the obligatory ‘black smoke’ which was the signature of the older diesel engines. This has been achieved by the manufacturers adding a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) into the exhaust of the modern diesel vehicles, to catch the engine particulates. The particulates are trapped when the car is driven at low speeds in the city centres, and whatever has been collected in the filter would then be blown out and expelled when the car is driven at higher speeds on the outer city roads and motor ways. So the when the modern diesel cars are driven at speed on the motorway, emitting a cloud of smoke, the chances are that its engine is working as it should and that the ECU is performing a ‘regeneration cycle’.

Why do DPFs get blocked up?

There are two most likely causes for a blocked DPF. Firstly and most commonly if you travel relatively short distances in traffic and never take the car on dual carriageways and motorways at higher speeds, the filter will do its job properly, but the ECU (the engine brain) will not get the opportunity to ‘regenerate’ or expel the particulates and eventually the filter becomes totally blocked. This will cause the vehicle to eventually slip into ‘Limp Mode’, and warning lights and messages will advise you to take the car to your nearest manufacturer supported dealer. Secondly the DPF may simply come to the end of its natural life. Even if you have driven plenty of motorway miles and you have been lucky to have experienced a chain of successful regenerations, a DPF will not last forever. Each ‘regeneration’ will leave a very fine layer of ash residue behind, and this will eventually become the cause of the ultimate blockage. Further forced regeneration cycles will not clear this. The units will need replacing sooner or later.

A blocked DPF core fills the entire canister, causing the engine to work much harder than needed, in order to push the gasses through it. The more blocked it gets, the more back pressure it causes. The net result of the blockage in this instance was poor fuel economy and performance.

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