Spark Erosion

Spark Erosion For Broken Drill & Tap Removal

Spark erosion is often requested for broken drill, bolts, nuts or broken tap removal where a drill, tap or other tool has broken and cannot be removed by other methods. The embedded stub can nearly always be removed with our precision spark erosion facilities, providing a cost effective alternative to scrapping the engine part or equipment piece.

When dealing with difficult materials or complex shapes and sizes, spark erosion is one of the most successful forms of machining. There are no cutting forces so the integrity of the material is always maintained. The process is highly controlled and allows for proper removal of material even on delicate materials.

Solid sink spark erosion typically delivers accuracy of between 0.020mm and 0.050mm, often faster, more economically, and with greater guarantees of accuracy than other conventional machining techniques. The cost of the process is often a fraction of the cost of replacing the complete unit.

More Information

Lower Earley MOTS Spark Erosion

For further information on our spark erosion services and machine capacities, please contact us. If the part is removable bring it to us to quote or if still attached to the vehicle we can quote to remove it and then process it.